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Graeme Isdale
Sept 2020 - 5 stars
Always very helpful. We have our above ground pool regularly serviced (every 2 weeks) and never have to do any work ourselves... Perfect!
Eva D.
July 2020 – 5 stars
We needed some advice on our swimming pool problem. We also need to have the water tested. I went to Clear Choice on 80 High Street in Collingwood. The young lady who served me was very knowledgeable and professional. She was very patient with me as I didn't know the size of our pool and I couldn't reach my partner to get the information needed to test the pool water. After we finally got the information and she was able to test the water, she gave us the results. She knew exactly what to do and how to fix our problem. After she explained it to me she even wrote out the instructions on a piece of paper for my partner. I could tell the both ladies in there were quite busy but they took the time to carry the products we purchased to my car. I recommend Clear Choice in Collingwood based on my today's personal experience. Thank you for your great service.
Rob's Garage Woodworking
2019 – 4 stars
Rob, Karen and the rest of the staff are very friendly and helpful. Our pool was somewhat neglected when we bought our house and the previous owners had difficulty with it. With some good advice from Rob and Karen we have had an absolutely clear and easy to maintain pool ever since. We just bought a hot tub from them since they service what they sell (seems to be a rarity nowadays) and are eagerly awaiting the delivery...
Louisa Vaillancourt
2019 – 5 stars
Best service ever, they send a technician within a hour of my call, this young pleasant man "Coby" did an excellent job, his performance was very professional and also advised me on how to maintain my pool with the proper chemicals. Which was very helpful, I certainly would recommend this company.
Jason George Photography
2019 – 5 stars
I was hot tub shopping today and I went to three other stores and I actually debated coming into this store cuz I was sick of getting answers that I could have read off of the manual or being told to check on the internet. But I figured why not go into one last store. And Rob and Karen answered my questions whether they were both are hot tubs or other spas. It was such a rewarding and informative experience I would highly suggest that anyone looking for a hot tub go here. I know that I will definitely be back to see them.
Ed Hunt
2018 – 5 stars
Clear Choice has earned our loyalty time and time again. Thank you to the entire team for your prompt service, good advice and fair prices. Clear Choice is our go-to for all things pool and barbecue. Thanks!